The (He)art of gaming

As I delve deeper into my own personal game development projects I understand more and more about the art and science behind what makes a good game, not just in terms of fun but in terms of its lasting impact upon myself and choices in life. I got into games quite late, in regards to those of similar age range and my library is not as big as many others however I feel the choices I have made are those which suit my tastes. I have a fondness for RTS’s, Strategy and sandbox style games as they make me think and I find it personally fascinating how people interact with technology and solve problems and believe digital content to be an accessible medium for this, people play games and are not often aware of there lasting impacts.

Games nowadays are in a state of flux, we are facing a potential negative shift which could limit audience scope and sadly create negative perceptions about a form of media which is at its core a digital art form. I am NOT a gamer, I am NOT a game maker what I AM is a Passionate Creative who believes that we must at times defy convention to create deep experiences which excite and inspire the next generation to create a more audience friendly world. I play games and whilst playing them I live them but I also know the importance of a social life and the real world implications, I like to think of myself as passionate bursting with ideas but to be frank it is human behaviour which gives me the most inspiration, watching others can help you reflect on your own standpoint and cans / interactive media can showcase this to as many people as possible driving emotions whilst remaining safe in their execution.

I will make my way into the interactive industry even if others may put me down as what are we if without passion and drive, I do what I do and must for those I love and to build a future I so desperately seek. LIfE is my baby and with your feedback, your experiences and your support it will become one that grows.

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