Game Review | Burial at Sea Episode 2 (PS3)

So I have finished Episode Two and gotta say it was for me one of the best pieces of DLC I have played or even paid for in a very long time. It served as a nice round-up of theBioshock Sega and a fitting end for Irrational games. At times it shocked me and it was a beauty to behold and play, the stealth mechanicswere introduced as a shock and NICE change of pace and the confusing nature of Elizabeth started to finally make sense. It is saddening then that upon retroflexion that Infinite itself didn’t take on some of these feelings, i.e. the game was WAY too easy. Burial at Sea 1 and 2 was hard, the characters were squishy and the buffs not applicable therefore the game just actually proved challenging and exploration felt more rewarding.

Elizabeth in Blood
Mirror on the wall an adventure in blood and all

Episode one was disappointing in length but episode two made it all make sense as to why, I would recommend this DLC more than any I have recently played (paid) for just wishing that Infinite was more like it, I have come away shaken, excited and creativity bubbling. The importance of narrative is all to often overlooked in video games YET Irrational Games were skilled in this even if a bit too gun friendly. I would love to delve into spoilers but do not want to spoilt the experience that this truly is, I hope to do some more game reviews in near future and may one day return to doing gaming videos for the GCollab page.

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