April – No Fool, Future Hopes

We are the shapers of our fate and fate is in itself subjective. The hunt for work is difficult and reflection can only go so far.

So its is now April aka the month where I have to finish ALL of my assignments to hand in for May then officially my work at the university should come to an end. As I lament on the past 4 years of my life-like anyone there are things I wish I did differently, namely going out more and interacting with people differently however gotta say university has made me grow as a person. It is hard to imagine that come July I will be leaving Lincoln as a soon to be Graduate and then must face the stark realities of life (ironic kinda) so what plans do I have for my future.


Last year I met a wonderful person who made me smile and feel accepted and loved in ways I couldn’t dream, Lara is my love and our relationship has grown only stronger over time with at its core friendship being its core initial drive. Over the past year or so we have gone to places, created stories and memories I hope will only continue to blossom and have in much detail discussed our future. She is in my future and although she wont be graduating till at least next year I will be striving to come to Lincoln as often as humanly possible and creating a pathway for us in the future. She has been there when others have let me down and to some degree saved me after the December breakdown.

Jobs and Career

My job direction is currently not clear, I would love to carve a career in the interactive media industry be it in the games industry or media in general but at this stage in my life would happily pursue almost any direction. It is hard for graduates (ask my friends) to find work in this economic mind-mess. All I know for sure is whatever I end up doing I want it to influence and help others even in part, be it making a socially challenging game to raise awareness or even as an educational mentor I want to be able to offer discussion and freedom in all my pursuits.

In the past I have worked in a variety of places and as time has passed my want to get a job has only grown, University for me this year has been difficult I lost friends, struggled to stay motivated with work due to fears of future and just generally been working myself into the ground. I am often my own worst enemy but I believe given the appropriate chances my unique skill-set could shape any career path I choose. At heart I am a designer and although I may not be as educated as others or as elegant with words as my fellow-man or woman I believe it is the merit of ones drive and pursuits that shape the person.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” - Aristotle

IF I could find a way to stay at Lincoln University I would and would LOVE the opportunity to demonstrate and impart knowledge onto others, we are all too often told the right ways to do things however its all subjective. Facts are not facts simply mutually agreed stances which can be changed, games and interactive media as a whole be it Augmented reality, Direct field communications or the wondrous mess that is the internet is a playground for ideas to flow and create unique ways to view the world. Everyone has a platform however getting noticed is a VERY different thing.

Currently looking for work

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