How I met my Girlfriend

First off I want to say that this is not a blog about that american TV show that apparently has a disappointing ending, No. I hate that show, this is a true account on how I met someone who I care deeply about and the changes it has provoked within me over this past year and a bit.

Two years ago I was a lonely person who had pretty much given up on the prospect of meeting someone who I could share an honest loving connection with, I always believe that relationships should be based of friendship first and valentines day was just another day where couples would parade and show how lovey dovey they were which only made my situation of feeling alone stronger, I was however by this comfortable being alone. That was until September 2012.

In September I was a media and communications officer for the university gaming society and during freshers week it was my role to interact with freshers and try and drum up membership. So a few days past and it was then the night of our first society event, It was really fun and there in the corner of the room was a girl whom during the freshers fair introduced herself by her interest in gaming namely World of Warcraft and although at this point I did not know her name her shyness caught my attention. Ironically this was the night Mists of Panderia launched and I was asked to take her to the midnight launch sadly though I was overloaded with stuff and feeling tired. So in the end I didn’t end up going with her, I felt so guilty afterwards as such as the weeks passed I made the effort to talk to her and make her feel settled in what was at times a dominating environment.

Weeks passed and we quickly became friends and even started hanging out after the society typically talking about video games, as time went on I started to develop feelings for her and wanted to know more about her but was scared to what I thought could potentially wreck our friendship. Months passed and my feelings for her grew, one night when we went to karaoke I found it hard to not tell her how I felt but decided to suppress these feelings. Christmas swung around and by this time we were pretty hanging out with each other on a nearly daily basis, I confided in friends and decided I had to let her know how I felt even if it risked our friendship.

One night after bowling my feelings got too much and I had to let her know my feelings and how she felt about me, this to this day I still feel slightly guilty over how this happened i.e. telling her in a dark street setting. We talked, we cried and decided to give our relationship a go on condition that should anything go to all hell we would still remain strong friends. We took things really slow and still do. About five or six months past and summer rolled around and despite us both leaving uni to go home we still talked to each other as often as possible and even visited each other.

She has and is still making me so happy, she is quirky, funny and the nicest most honest person I have met. A year and so many month have now passed and our time together is brilliant. She is my girlfriend and her happiness is my top most concern, I believe love is about simply being there for each other, friends first and this must always be at the core of any relationship.

I know this post seems fairly personal and strange that I am sharing this but just want you all to know that relationships are ALL about trust, friendship and being there for each other. Even though I will be leaving uni in a few months our relationship is set to continue stronger than ever and its thanks to my friends for giving me the courage to ask.

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