The chaos and the fear

The last few weeks have been chaotic trying to complete work, struggling to keep myself healthy all whilst attempting to mend fences and build bridges before I leave university. Over the past year I have lost friends, been close to doing something stupid and questioning myself ALL TOO MUCH. Although lately I have decided to basically just let what happens happen and just not care as much, people may try and put me down, they may dislike me for whatever reason and getting a job may be stressful but got to enjoy the time I have left.


My university work may not be the best and you know what I am fine with this, I have done more than most people have tried, If I fail I have still passed and will graduate so again what will be will be. Over the next few weeks I am going to enjoy my time with my girlfriend before she goes home for holidays and still gonna keep trying to find a job.

In other news LIfE Kickstarter may have failed but again not a problem, we need to stop seeing failure as an end to something rather a new drive. The game is still being made and will be a labour of love for myself to experiment with whereas Suspicion has been cancelled due to general feedback pointing towards the game being rather lacking in game-play mechanics however again not an issue. The fear and stress will kill me if I dont let things slide and those who piss me off I just need to ignore more XD

The hunt for a job continues after next Sundays Brian Blessed meet 🙂

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