May Blog – The hunt for work


It is now halfway through the month and I can finally find time to rest as my four years at university come to an end, these years have been my best but also my most stressful. As I prepare to leave and return to the real world the urgent desire to find work is at my fore most mind, not for the money but rather for the need to keep myself busy as I am my own worst enemy when not given the change to create and work.

All I need is a chance to prove myself and show my dedication and the crushing feeling of sending out tonnes of CV’s with no feedback or success but must keeping pushing on, I know my skills and work ethic will pay off at some point soon. My job at the university is ending and within the next month will be moving back to the village where poor net resides although will still be coming to Lincoln frequently and do have somewhere to stay should work be found.

In other news, I am aiming to return to video making and posting news and views on this blog soon and despite my Kickstarter failing game development will commence but work HAS to be top priority then paying off debts then acquiring new computer so game and projects can be finished and to a higher standard than previously desired. Sorry if this blog is short but will do more in-depth ones in future alongside tidying up the website overall.

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