The state of media and how cheap solutions can improve reach

“Plan ahead avoid mistakes and budget wisely. High costs do not = higher return”

As I grow older the visible divide between old and new media seems to only deepen as more traditional forms of media struggle and fight to adapt incorporating digital media forms in a slap dash manner. Media should be handled like a child reared with an end goal in mind and that is a healthy, happy child that is engaging with others and making friends sadly though poorly constructed environments and the perception that media marketing has to be costly is somewhat tarnishing what could be a beautiful thing.

People have often asked me why didn’t I study media? The reason is as I view it the more you understand something the less willing you are to change and becoming marred in standards can ultimately slow down progress and end in higher chances of failure, cheap solutions are not something to fear. It’s no longer the case where just having a website is sufficient any more and messages much reach past one form to embrace the many.

Daily I walk around Lincoln and ideas swarm into my brain but in all honestly ideas without execution are meaningless and it is this fear that holds too many back, failure does not have to cost, it’s not bad. Fail fast and learn then success will only be the greater.

An example for a simple adoption of technology can be found in posters, although traditionally a 2D paper based medium why can’t they using AR or NFC technology be made to ‘talk’ or ‘interact’ with their audiences. The belief is this is costly to create and this is false, give me £10 and a day and I can make a poster design that people can scan using their phones that plays a video, click able and could increase user engagement by as little as 11% during a campaign, although this seems low every additional second of interest increase chances of success and at the price of a couple of hours work can easily pay off the investment of time without any additional resource costs.



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