An evening with Brian Blessed – Mini post

Last night me and my ever madcap girlfriend went to see Brian Blessed at our local old school cinema where we could Q&A and listen to his booming glorious voice. Sitting only metres away from this TV, Theatre and film legend was an interesting experience filled with his stories, mad impressions and determination that age is NOT a barrier was inspirational, the local cinema you could tell were at times trying to rain him in i.e. get him to sit down but his booming personality can not be contained. Until recently completely forget we bought tickets back in January and despite the heat and the smell of damp was a nice night out, sadly couldn’t get many pictures and was not willing to pay the £10 to get a signature mainly due to student low funds and lack of card machine or amenities in the restoration project that is the Ritz cinema.

“A fuzzy picture but got some video :P”

As you may know not that long ago I reached a rather rubbish patch in my life and since then being struggling to pick myself up but people like Brian just go to show age is meaningless unless you have the drive and thanks to those who love me I got through the worst and now just fighting for work.

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