Games, Creatives and Friends – JUNE update

So my tenancy in Lincoln is coming to an end and my overall life’s challenges are only just set to begin, so far I have got a temporary job at the university testing out there virtual learning environment and picking up odd ends here and there but it’s sadly not enough and this saddens me. Anyway the purpose of the update is to not go on about myself rather post about something’s my friends are doing and to encourage you to check them out and show them some support.

So what are my friends up to?

First up is James Booth and co.’s game development studio Pixel Spill, having lived with this guy for a year his ambitions have always been high and determination greater so I was pleased to hear that he and some of his friends formed a gaming studio down in London called Pixel Spill. There first feature game is set to be KatataK a game made for the YouTube sensation TomSka and already looking sweet as butter. It is essentially a side scrolling shooter with references galore to other TomSka characters and looks set to be available on mobile devices in near future. Its 8/16 bit style looks are amaze so check them out on the twitters:


Second up another game, this time a dungeon crawling style game made by Kieran and Sean two fellow gaming students from the university, making use of twitter to allow for dungeon generation and creation. They are currently running a steam green light campaign so why not check out Hashtag Dungeon and see if it is for you.


Next up in this gaming friend sandwich is Brett Knight a fellow indie developer with some fantastic creative ideas; I have seen a wip of one of his current game projects currently named Spectrum. It looked interesting with a nice set of planned mechanics and gameplay elements, so check out his twitter feed too and see what’s going on in that wondrous mind of his.


Now onto some other wonderful people and a more brief update on their recent antics:

Nathan Dean long-time friend, small cool writer has recently been well guess? Writing some rather interesting scripts and this year alongside Sam Clarke wrote a script for a live drama performance, which may I, say was rather good indeed you can check him out on twitter: @NathanTDean

Chris Mudd a drama student friend has recently alongside a wonderful supportive team also put on a drama performance that sadly I could not attend due to other commitments but from the pictures and consistent rehearsals looked lively, interesting and great stage spectacular. You can follow Chris @Sable_Crow

I will update this blog with updates regarding these projects and news of interest, sorry for recent lack of posts and what is likely poor English but the rush to find a longer term job, make games and try to survive are top priority and this next month or so is gonna be a tough one.

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