August Update – Uncertainty

I am at the stage of uncertainty with my life, currently on the job market stuck somewhere I don’t wanna be away from the people I want to be with. Eager to prove myself but shot down at every opportunity, just as I get things sorted news flies its way towards me knocking me off-balance and yet here I still remain stood trying to find a direction to take with a clear goal in mind.

We all face struggles and strife and have moments of feeling trapped, this is for me occurring at the moment. I have a business plan and product but no capital to fund it, I have/had a job that is terminating and a bank account that is pretty much empty stuck living in a place I really don’t wanna be away from someone I want to live with and look after. I am constantly applying for jobs and despite being eager to work finding it hard to even obtain minimum wage jobs cause of my ‘soon to be ex-Student’ status, I find it silly when I get turned down for being over qualified IF I applied for the job then I want the job that is the logic of applying. All of this on top of niggles like a dying computer and stressful environment with poor internet are making things increasing difficult. IF one card slots into place they all will which I find most annoying.

I am trying to keep upbeat as  know I am capable and would / proven to be a determined work it’s just a case of whether I struggle to keep going alone or try to battle on with others.

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