Creative collaboration and the fear of destruction

We are born with creativity running through our veins but how to best utilize this is often up for much debate with some choosing the path of creative destruction, others creative positivity and sadly all too many never really considering their unique talents one worth demonstrating and it is for this very reason I believe positive re-enforcement and exploration are the future to inspiring others to take risks.

I am a firm believer in collaborative creativity as a footstep to the taking of risk and learning of new skills but understand the reservation within all of us to demonstrate our skills for risk of being mocked or judged. It is not the place of others to judge your work but to judge themselves, no one piece or idea is greater than another in the eyes of men (and women) all is wrong as all is right.

Around three or so years ago I helped found a collaborative group focused around the idea of getting talented people together with an interest to begin with in video production using social media and today it is still alive and slowly growing with next to no intervention from myself, then around a year and a half ago I did the same for gaming and managed to get press access. We self impose limitations and fear being different or heaven forbid upsetting someone.

My advice is simple DO WHAT YOU LOVE DOING, Create what you want how and where and just enjoy it.


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