It is no secret that I myself do not follow politics its through a lack of wanting to or the blind sighted view that its unimportant rather personally always had other things to focus on which ironically are put in place by government. Recently the UK voted in the Conservatives again despite early opinion polls pointing towards the likelihood of a coalition it ended up as a conservative majority due to the systems we have in place.

A few years back we did have the chance to vote for a reform on how voting would be calculated and we at that point said ‘no’. Over the past few days we have already begun to protest and moan which I will sit on the fence about cause yes I do not agree with some of the policies being waved around but at the same time cant really complain personally as I did not vote nor have these actions actually been enforced at this point. People have the power to change things however as a whole we are often disorganised and sadly the few often ruin it for the many. As someone who has tasted the bottom line and aware of the problems in the UK at the moment I am jaded but at the same time can not blame government for the way this world has turned. As a society we are often self centred focused on survival and the few willing to help can not realistically help everyone.

Politicians and MPs do not face the situations many of us face us and it would be impossible for them to do so as we are all unique with own problems and troubles and no system will ever by its definition be fair or perfect. IF we could ALL just help each other we would not face the majority of the troubles we face such as poverty, homelessness and discrimination, if we disagree with rising food prices we have to shout as one. If we disagree with the housing problems we have to stand up and help each other be somewhere safe. The conservatives are not evil nor are they a force for good they are like every other party elected officials chosen to ‘try’ and be the voice of the many however will ALWAYS miss out the voices of those in real trouble or the perceived view. As people we are often stubborn, rash and silent not liking to burden others, I should know as I am like this but we HAVE TO WORK together. We can not go out blaming others for our troubles we have to educate them to potential solutions. Like I said earlier I did not vote for one reason I did not necessarily in my heart believe any one party as such I forfeited my opportunity to complain about the result but at the same time as a democracy we have chosen to have elected officials to speak for us and how they do it or why they do it is down to them and our trust we have placed in them and as humans they are always going to be flawed.


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