Famagusta – Armenian Fresco Preservation

“Preserving our history is the only real way to create a future”

Last year over summer I took part in some Intern work at the University of Lincoln the task was simple, create a method of historical preservation of frescos so visitors and historian visitors could see the restoration work and an alternative to destructive information boards.

Originally I proposed a self built system similar to an application I was working on called Linc-ON which was an augmented reality university navigation information board however for the purposes of time and reliability at the time we opted to go with a third party solution aka Aurasma.

The project was headed by Duncan Rowland and Dan Frodsham both lecturers at the university, there were several of us involved but in regards to AR that was my role solely. Below you can watch a video showcasing it in operation, you can try it out by downloading Aurasma on iOS or Android and Following Famagusta AR.

IF was to do this again would have improved content displayed and also make the markers feature an NFC element to allow deeper interaction and reduce error chance even more.

This is an evolution of a dissertation piece I did in 2013 called LinkOn Uni