“We take and take from LIfE but what do we do when it decides to take back?”

The exact nature of the Harbringers is very much dependent on the manner in which they are treated, although they share resemblances to plant and wood life they are in fact beasts with scaled skin that mimics that of bark. They survive off the nutrients left behind by dying animals and people using a proboscis which is hidden away to ‘suck’ the fluids out after which they will pound the remains to mush to allow further digestion. Despite this brutal method of eating they are not typically aggressive and don’t actively hunt unless desperate as such some have been taken as pets by more wealthy bodies or their skin made into furniture for those with ill will.

Role in the Game

These four-legged beasts will roam heavily dense forest areas clinging to trees merrily going about their daily lives, all I can say now is you will have to encounter them at some point however how this is handled is up to you, remember this is not a shooter style game.


The design has been around for years but never really found a place to fit in until now, with their wood-like appearance and connections to native design requirements a full evening spent working and reworking their 3D head model until the final version (for now) created. Height wise they would be in our world around 4-6ft in height and move around like a gorilla although more insect like in behaviour.

Sculpted in Mudbox

Drawn several years ago and now redone and in 3D

Original rubbish drawing- Drawn several years ago and now redone and in 3D

Associated Mask: TBA


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